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NPA 15/2017 INCH


Expansion of the MINCUT Family for Deeper and Wider Face Grooving and Turning


ISCAR is introducing new MIFR 15… inserts and tools for face grooving and turning for up to .591” grooving depths.

The new MIFR 15.. inserts are screw clamped into a long pocket on the MIFHR ...-15 bars with a very rigid clamping, enabling high machining parameters and resulting in prolonged tool life.

Tool Features
  • Internal coolant channel directed to the cutting edge
  • Uninterrupted chip flow on the insert rake
  • Can be used for grooving in deep holes and for rotating applications

The new MIFR 15.. inserts are available in .098, .118 and .138” widths. Full radius .100 and .118” (2.5 and 3.0 mm) inserts made from IC908 grade are also available.
Special widths within this range can be ordered on request.

Chipbreaking Comparison Test
MIFR 15-3.00-0.20 vs. PICCO R 016.0300-10 on AISI 4140

Vc= 260 SFM
Doc= .197”

Chipbreaking Comparison Test
MIFR 15-3.00-0.20 vs. PICCO R 016.0300-10 on AISI 316L

Vc= 200 SFM
Doc= .197”

Screw-Clamped Inserts for Internal Face Grooving and
Turning, Penetration Diameter Range .315-.669"
Recommended cutting speeds and feeds can increased by 20-30% for aluminum, and reduced by 20-30% for titanium and Inconel

Bars for Face and Internal Grooving,
Undercutting and Threading Inserts
(1) Only face grooving inserts are available for this tool

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