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NPA 16/2017

MINCUT Inserts

New Trepanning Cartridges
Carrying MINCUT Inserts
Mounted on ITSBORE Boring Head


As pre-thread hole drilling is very popular in many industrial tapping applications, ISCAR is upgrading the DCT CHAMDRILL family to similar drills that carry the more advanced SUMOCHAM drilling heads.

The new IHSR-MIFR cartridges were designed to be mounted on the standard BHR MB32-32X63 rough boring head. They can be used with a single or double-cartridge configuration as a half or full effective option.

Application Range
3310233 IHSR 8-21 MIFR8
1.5- 2.2 mm grooving width range and 8 – 21 mm diameter range

3324586 IHSR 19-34 MIFR10
2.0- 3.0 mm grooving width range and 19 – 34 mm diameter range

Typical Applications
  • Drilling up to 5 mm thick plates
  • O-ring seal grooves
  • Face grooving on milling machines

Trepanning Cartridges Carrying MINCUT Inserts Mounted
on the BHR MB32-32X63 Boring Head
(1) Cutting width minimum
(2) Cutting width maximum

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