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NPA 02/2019 INCH

chatterfree solifmill

New Wear Resistant Solid Carbide Endmills for Machining Stainless Steel Efficiently

ISCAR is expanding the ECY family line with ECYI - the inch version of 5 flute endmills for stainless steel machining

Following the increase in demand for stainless steel processing, ISCAR has expanded CHATTERFREE’s ECY-S5 geometry with the inch version line ECYI-S5, for stainless steel machining.

For further technical information, please refer to NPA 02-2019 metric.
Typical cutting data when milling ISO M materials:
  Shoulder milling DC=.25-.312-.375” DC=.5” DC= .75-1”
ECYI-S5 Vc (sfm) Ap Ae, max Fz (ipt) Fz (ipt) Fz (ipt)
382-573 ~2×D 0.4×D .0011-.0017 .0015-.0021 .0023-.0031
  Shoulder milling DC=.313-.375” DC=.5-.625” DC=.75-1”
ECYI-S5 Vc (sfm) Ap Fz (ipt) Ap max Fz (ipt) Ap max Fz (ipt) Ap max
268-344 1D .0007-.0015 0.25×D .0011-.0015 0.25×D .0015-.0023 0.25×D
  HSM / Trochoidal milling DC=.25-.312-.375” DC=.5” DC=.75-1”
ECYI-S5 Vc (sfm) Ap Ae, max Fz (ipt) Fz (ipt) Fz (ipt)
688-955 ~2×D 0.1×D .0019-.0047 .0023-.0051 .0031-.0059

5 Flute Endmills with Different Helix for Milling Austenitic, Duplex, Cast and Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels (1) Number of flutes
(2) Maximum ramping angle
(3) 0 - Without coolant supply, 1 - With coolant supply

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