ICG Chip Splitting Drilling Heads

The revolutionary design of NEW ICG heads with chip splitting notches makes it possible to achieve small, short segment chips, thus facilitating the chip evacuation process.
The new ICG drilling heads are available in 14 to 25.9 mm diameters, in 0.5 mm increments.
Popular sizes are also available for Heat Exchangers.
The ICG drilling heads ensure hole tolerance of IT9-10. The ICG geometry should be regarded as a general machining option and is mostly recommended for deep drilling operation where it can solve chip evacuation problems.
The new ICG drilling heads can be mounted on any SUMOCHAM standard drill body with the appropriate pocket size.
These ICG drilling heads are made from IC908 TiAlN PVD nano layer coated grade and feature:
  • High peeling resistance
  • High wear resistance
  • Stable and predictable wear progression
  • Efficiency with MQL cooling
  • High surface quality
  • Extended tool life

For more information about the ICG SUMOCHAM, click here.

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